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Intellectual social space for the keen minds

Be more selective about the information you feed your mind
Discover and Connect with people that speak your passion
Explore your interests at a deep level from new perspectives Exclusive Network to maintain mutual respect.

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Communities focused to enrich creators and bridge aspiring minds.

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Instantly receive quality content curated to your selected interests. Not limited to the sources you know created by similar-minded people.

Chat (Soon)

End-To-End encrypted chat conversations with people in your network.

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Unlock exclusive higher-level networks of your interests.

Creators enlightenment

Time to respect creators.
Empowerment needs to come from the original sources,

A tool to make you more selective about the information you feed your mind. End-to-End discovery to reach the people that care about what you do. Skip through the noise. Exceed your potential. Get paid doing what you love.

Own Your work (Soon):

Everything you post on Keentoo is digitally copyrighted under your name.

Profit on-the-go (Soon):

Empower creativity, creators can use your work to build on top of it as you get paid by selling the license.

Anti-theft (Soon):

Report your stolen work with proof and you will get what your stolen work earned transfered to you.

For Visionaries

You love it? Own it.
Introducing Micro-investments.

Anyone can be an investor, profit along side the founders of keentoo while helping the platform evolve faster. You can invest in Keentoo starting from $99.

Profit-Equity Dilution:

Every time your owned percentage is diluted you make 15% profits instead of just getting reduced only for the increase of valuation. You can avoid Profit-Equity Dilution with our Fixed feature.

Standard Investments:

Equity dilution is not normally viewed favorably. We give you unique repurchase offers.

Fixed Investments:

For the Long-term visionary investors. Avoid any equity dilution. Purchase your percentage for a specific period of time with a fixed percentage that cannot be touched.
Limited to 2% per investor and 20% in tottal.

Invest now! -20% off valuation. Ends in 30 days

  • Previous funding round: Bootstrapped & Friends & Family
  • Product stage: Go-To-Market
  • Funding goal: $10.000.000
  • Current Valuation: $5.227.350
15 Total investors
+2856% Year Increase
Exclusive Sale before release

Standard investments





Note: Our investment process is executed manually.

Fixed Investments

Only 5% on sale at the moment. Contact us, We are taking offers.

Blockchain Redesigned

Privacy, fair distribution, instant delivery and full transparency.

Helping creators, individuals and distributors exchange faster and better. Cryptocurrency had only reached the tech-suvy individuals. It is technical and over complicated. It’s Time to simlify. A digital currency for business.


While we’re building a cryptocurrency, it doesn’t mean everyone can use it and surely cannot be used in the Dark Web.
Sellers need to be verified.


Everything you share is licensed to your name, everything you share with keentoo is encrypted end-to-end and no more sneaking around.


Our bussiness model is not based on making money out of your data by selling ads. We don't need your data.

Profit-Equity distribution::

For the first time in history, anyone in the world can become a co-founder and it is yours as much as it is ours. Collectively evolving.

Instant delivery:

The moment you invest, interact or sell licenses of your creations is the moment you get paid.